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Smokin’ Steel Grills

My name is Josh Peshek. I serve as a Captain for the Bismarck Fire Department and have been working there since 2004. My wife, Jamie, works for Sanford. We have two sons, Rylan and Brenner.

I got started in BBQ when our first son was born. I had worked a variety of side jobs on my off days from the fire department. When our son was born we decided I would stay home on my off days to provide child care. Not being able to just sit still I needed to find a hobby that I could do while at home. My uncle, who lives in Nebraska and competes in BBQ competitions talked me into BBQ. He talked me into trying a pellet grill due to the ease of use. In 2014 there was not much available locally and I bought my first pellet grill over the internet. Finding new things to cook, finding new seasonings and rubs to try has been more fun than I could have ever imagined.

While shopping for another grill I found that the only way to get a high quality, USA made grill, in Bismarck was to order over the internet. I just wanted to put my hands on one, I wanted to see and feel the difference. When spending the extra dollars on quality, I was uncomfortable buying over the internet. I researched all I could and felt the Pitts & Spitts was the best available. Then I got to see one and I was blown away. I also know I am not alone in Bismarck wanting to touch and see a high-quality pellet grill. I decided to take the leap and make these grills available to the area. So here we are… Welcome to Smokin’ Steel Grills.

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3403 Hamilton St, Unit K 
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(On the South Side of Legacy High) 

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